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Repairs & Spares


We do not make extortionate charges for call outs, our pricing policy is clear.

A visit to your home to make a repair costs £75.00 + parts + VAT. There are no hidden extras, no time limits, we will stay as long as it takes to fix your door.

On the rare occasions that the parts have to be ordered, there will be no additional fee for a subsequent visit.

If the door is beyond economical repair and you purchase a new one from us, the callout is free!

Spares and accessories for all current and many obsolete garage doors are available from our spares store.

You are welcome to collect them from our showrooms or we can mail them out to you.

In preparation for your call or email, you can help us to identify your make and model, using the questions below to inform your enquiry.

HELP US TO HELP YOU - Ways to identify your door
• Is there a name on the handle?
• Is there a panel/plate/sticky label inside the door?
• Does it have a 'T' handle?
• Is the keyhole situated at the top/middle/bottom of the door?
• If not, where is it?
• Is the manufacturer's name on the handle?
• When the door is open, is the panel half in the garage or completely in?
• Are there two tracks at the top of the door, running back into the garage?
• If the door has springs at the sides, what is the diameter, width and length of the spring, and how many coils can you count down the length?
• If it has a box at the top with cables, is the cover steel or plastic?
• What information is printed on the front of the box?